Choosing the first dance song for your Seattle area wedding

A blog post from Flux VJ, a Seattle based wedding & event DJ

PNW wedding vibes

Pacific Northwest weddings can be a little different than your average US wedding. There are specific reasons that so many people have chosen to live here and these reasons are reflected in their weddings too. This area is loved for it’s natural beauty, it’s authentic personality and the tasteful aesthetic of its cities and towns. The feel of PNW weddings is clear in people’s choice of venue, decor and food served but it should be reflected in the music choices too.

The significance of the first dance

Wedding days are intense and a couple can be disoriented by everything that is happening. The first dance can be a moment where they can focus on the person they just married. Feeling that person in your arms, staring into their eyes it may be a point where the significance of it really sinks it. All the guests gathered around can feel this energy. What song should you pick for this once in a lifetime moment? ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’. Okay hopefully not. You have some options.

A classic

It may not feel original but a well worn song that you know thousands of other couples have first­danced to can still work. It’s a classic choice for a reason. These songs perfectly capture the significance of that moment. They will also broadly resonate with your guests. Songs like ‘All of Me’ by John Legend, ‘All My Life’ by K-Ci &Jojo and ‘You Are The Sunshine of My Life’ by Stevie Wonder are powerful universal songs that never fail!

A personal choice

A lot of couples share music as part of their love. This could be some go-to albums that get played in the car, something from a live show you attended together or a song from a movie or TV show you snuggled-watched together. This song might jump out for you or it might need to sit down and go over your Spotify listening history. When circling in on that key song perhaps you should Google the lyrics to make sure they feel right.

You may be dancing for the entire duration of this song so practice in advance. If that feels too long, or there is a moment in the song that doesn’t quite work, your DJ should be able to edit the song in advance or live to fit with your comfort level.


If you are feeling really creative you can utilize your DJ to create you a custom mashup that will really entertain your guests. This can be a mix of slow and fast songs and can pull from varied genres and cultures. There are lots of Youtube clips that show couples doing this. Consult with your DJ, they may pre-record the mix or create it live, either way you’ll require a recording in advance.


Maybe you’ll get dance lessons or you’ll just wing it. I’ve seen lots of first dances and I’ve never seen a bad one, no one is expecting a professional dance performance. Do what feels right for you, hopefully it’s an enjoyable experience and a beautiful memory.


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