Shane O'Sullivan

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A decade and a half of passion and ingenuity creating presentations, video, print materials, web design, and motion graphics that surprise, delight and energize for many of the world's most prominent brands. Working closely with key decision makers I deliver cogent storytelling and execute progressive design that inspires emotional connection and long term resonance.

Creative services provided for conventions, large meetings, trade shows, IPOs, press conferences, product launches, webinars, virtual conferences etc., for companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Facebook, Google, T-Mobile, Ford, Jaguar, Toyota, Nike, Adidas, McDonald's, Fox, HBO, Visa and many more



David Gunasegaram - Director, Surface WW Consumer Go-to-Market, Microsoft

"I worked with Shane for several years at Microsoft and would highly recommend him. Shane is a fantastic storyteller and brings story's to life through his incredible presentation design skills. Over the years Shane worked on several major presentations for not just me, but several CVP's at Microsoft. He quickly became invaluable and the only person we all wanted to work with because of his storytelling, attention to detail, visual eye and speed. Shane turns the complex and into the simple. Shane is the best presentation designer I've ever worked with in my 20 year professional marketing career."

Greg Flowers - Design Lead, Instagram

"Professionalism and excellence are Shane's priorities. I was very impressed by his enthusiasm and policy of making sure the client was provided with the best solution for realizing their communication goals."

Greg Flowers

Patricia Clem -Director of Content Strategy, Nayamode Inc.

"With his design sensibilities and technical skills, he is better and faster than anyone else I know at bringing a presentation to life. I wish I could keep him a trade secret.."


"His ability to transform complex and ambiguous information into something comprehensive is amazing. It's rare to come across someone with both the creative ideas and mastery of tools that consistently delivers on extremely tight deadlines. That being said, Shane would be huge value add to anyone working with him in the future."


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