Seattle's Flux VJ is a Video DJ that combines music videos, stunning visuals & custom graphics for a mesmerizing party experience!

More than just a DJ, I bring an immersive experience to all kinds of  events. I mix my huge collection of music videos, VJ with Resolume software to create stunning visuals, and create custom graphic in After Effects. I can fuse into existing venue AV system or bring my own projectors & screen systems.

Flux VJ - Video DJ - Shane

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The people have spoken!

  • DJ Flux was our DJ for the school's Homecoming dance. He did a great job, had an awesome set-up, and played the music on the song list we sent... read more

    Karissa Willhite Avatar Karissa Willhite
    October 31, 2022

    My husband and I decided quite last minute (~3 months prior to the wedding date) that we wanted dancing at our wedding. I had searched and interviewed a bunch of... read more

    Ke C. Avatar Ke C.
    October 7, 2022

    Shane is worth every penny!! Throughout the entire planning process, Shane was communicative, flexible, and collaborative. We had a lot of details we were hoping to add to... read more

    Molly Tellers Avatar Molly Tellers
    September 7, 2022
  • Shane was amazing my wife and I are happy to have him apart of the wedding. We are very thankful to have him as our dj

    Pheven Avatar Pheven
    August 7, 2022

    Shane is absolutely amazing!!! He did such a wonderful job at my wedding. I can’t recommend him enough!!!

    Christa Fagan Avatar Christa Fagan
    June 7, 2022

    Shane did an amazing job as DJ for my backyard wedding. He had all his own equipment so we didn't have to worry about a thing. I had several special... read more

    Shannon Loane Avatar Shannon Loane
    May 7, 2022
  • Shane/Flux VJ was FANTASTIC! He went above and beyond to not only incorporate all of my requests but also added very special details to ensure that our wedding style/theme was... read more

    Natalie Mcbrayer Avatar Natalie Mcbrayer
    May 7, 2022

    Aside from our preferred Music/playlist & Video, DJ provided some enhancements & made our event more entertaining ! Very reliable & pleasant to work with indeed. Will highly recommended this... read more

    Lui Ramirez Avatar Lui Ramirez
    December 7, 2021

    Shane was such an amazing guy. From the beginning it was an easy experience. He listened to our vision and kept us on the dance floor all night.... read more

    Miranda Alvarez Avatar Miranda Alvarez
    November 7, 2021
  • If you’re looking for someone who is reliable, trustworthy, respectful and of good character, DJ Flux is absolutely the DJ you want to hire. I really hope we have the... read more

    Maia Earle Avatar Maia Earle
    November 7, 2020

    I hired Shane to DJ at my daughter's bat mitzvah, which was scheduled to happen in May. Unfortunately we have had to re-schedule because of the current health crisis and... read more

    Molly Honig Avatar Molly Honig
    November 7, 2020

    Flux DJ was a great show for our NYE party! Amazing music, seamless transitions from song to song, fun/interesting/captivating videos. A+ all around.

    Taylor Bolin Avatar Taylor Bolin
    November 7, 2020
  • Best New Year's party music EVER!

    Nicole Comforto Avatar Nicole Comforto
    November 7, 2020

    Shane put together a blast of a show for New Years 2020 with a best of the decade curated hits. The great music was enhanced with lights and synced TVs... read more

    Andrew Ziegler Avatar Andrew Ziegler
    November 7, 2020

    Flux VJ was amazing!! He DJ'd my birthday and played all my favorite song as well as requests from me and my guests. The video screen and... read more

    Cathy VonWald Avatar Cathy VonWald
    November 7, 2020
  • Shane was FANTASTIC. Super professional, helpful, flexible and patient. He was ready and willing to take on any idea or change to the plan that I threw at him. He... read more

    Jesse Hedlund Avatar Jesse Hedlund
    November 7, 2019

    The production success of our annual awards ceremony hinges on an amazing event experience. The auditory & visual aspect is critical to our success and Shane (Flux VJ) knocked it... read more

    Kyle Pouliot Avatar Kyle Pouliot
    November 7, 2019

    I've worked with Shane on one of Seattle's wedding and was so impressed with everything he did. He interacted with clients and guests and the whole team so easily making... read more

    Ksenia Vasenev Photography Avatar Ksenia Vasenev Photography
    November 7, 2019

A Video DJ can bring so much to your event

Dua Lipa - Video DJ Wedding DJ

Video DJ/VJ

My entire service is built around combining music and visuals - Video DJ Wedding DJ

My entire service is built around combining music and visuals to deliver a Video DJ experience like no other

My electrifying music video dance parties - Video DJ Wedding DJ

My electrifying music video dance parties are known to be insanely fun

Other content that can be incorporated seamlessly - Video DJ Wedding DJ

Other content that can be incorporated seamlessly are photo montages, movie/tv clips, event branding, animated logos, etc.,

Seattle Video DJ - Video DJ Wedding DJ


Skilled DJ blending music dynamically - Video DJ Wedding DJ

Music Blended dynamically with beat-matching and mixing in key

A custom party mix that melts your favorites - Video DJ Wedding DJ

No limits on how much you can personalize the playlist. Vast musical knowledge and my exquisite ability to read the room

Huge music collection - Video DJ Wedding DJ

Huge music video collection. Every significant hit song plus large collection of other genres and music from many cultures

Flux VJ - Video DJ Wedding DJ


high-end corporate and celebration event experience - Video DJ Wedding DJ

Lifelong music video expert, my knowledge of hype visual goes as deep as my knowledge of party jams

My style is to be natural, friendly and approachable, Video DJ Wedding DJ

My style is to be natural, friendly and approachable, guests are encouraged to engage, and I love requests

An enthusiastic tasteful emcee; Video DJ Wedding DJ

An enthusiastic tasteful emcee; FYI I have a mild Irish accent!

Flux Video Disco, Video DJ Wedding DJ


Top of the range PA system Video DJ Wedding DJ

Top of the range PA system will fill the entirety of your space with clear sound

Energetic party lights will intensify the dancefloor Video DJ

Energetic party lights will intensify the dancefloor

High-end wired, wireless and lav mics Video DJ

High-end wired, wireless and lav mics are always available

Just a few of the fantastic people I’ve worked with

Kyle Pouliot Video DJ

Kyle Pouliot

The production success of our annual awards ceremony hinges on an amazing event experience. The auditory & visual aspect is critical to our success and Shane (Flux VJ) knocked it out of the park. He was incredibly flexible in terms of last-minute evolving details, which was important for us. The thing that proved to us that Shane is willing to go the extra mile was the branded overlays before and after the ceremony on top of the music videos. It looked ridiculously good.

Shauna Badheka

Shane was awesome! We booked him for a corporate event at the MoPOP in Seattle. We were really particular about the genre of music we wanted to play and the visual specs of his videos. He made a great playlist with videos and songs and had the party jumping! Since it was a corporate event, he kept it all professional, but really fun. He was on time, worked quickly, technically savvy and a generally nice guy.

Shauna Badheka Video DJ
Hope Smith Video DJ

Hope Smith

Flux VJ was awesome! We had an 80s themed party and he had a great playlist with fantastic videos, some music videos and some clips from iconic 80s movies. He had everything ready to go when guests arrived, incorporated everyone’s requests, and was playing music and videos until the last guest left. Would definitely use him for any other VJ/DJ needs!

Noelle Wiggins

He made awesome themed graphics for my birthday and set a fabulous mood for the night. People were dancing for hours. I also asked him to throw in a little swing and salsa and he picked fantastic songs and wore them into the set so seamlessly. I won’t go anywhere else for DJ in the future. Thank you for making my birthday so special!

Noelle Wiggins Seattle Video DJ
More about Shane - Video DJ Wedding DJ

More about Shane

I’ve worked in corporate events for about a decade and a half and knew I could bring that professionalism and a fresh approach to the craft of VJing. With the emergence of social media, streaming platforms and growing international flavor on the music charts it was clear things needed to evolve. 

I spend my life immersed in music and Music Videos. Each week I listen to hundreds of newly released songs and catch up on new music videos.. I consume all the big music podcasts. I read books about music. Watch music documentaries. Follow all the music publications. Study the music charts across genres going back to the beginning.  This depth of knowledge and appreciation allows me to create the perfect soundscape and visual backdrop for your upcoming event.

A playlist of new music videos I'm feeling

Video DJ Planning and booking stuff

Wedding DJ party icon

Let’s discuss your plans, I love talking events, music & video. I can reflect on my experience to give you a better sense of how best to execute your vision. You can see some reviews here on my site or you can see images and details of my previous events on Instagram @flux.vjI want to establish that connection so that you know I’ll be personally invested in making your event the best it can be.

we can move to the booking stage - Video DJ Wedding DJ

When we are feeling great about all this we can move to the booking stage. We will sign my contract that goes into detail. A deposit of 1/3 of the total will get me fully booked. You can do this through Venmo, Paypal, digital invoice or check.

Once booked I share a wedding plan doc - Video DJ Wedding DJ

Once booked I share a planning document in a few formats. This covers everything you could imagine for a day, requests, announcements, do-not-play etc., etc., I’m really flexible of how you get me your details and requests. Send Spotify, Apple Music or other playlists. Send lists of songs or artists. Share images and graphics. Shoot over texts and email as you wish, I’ll drop everything into your event folder and then have all those details organized in front of me on the day.

Music note icon Video DJ Wedding DJ

Pay the remainder up until the day of with Venmo, Paypal, Credit Card, check or cash. I’ll show up to your event at least 2 hours before your event. If there are scheduling limitations or more elaborate setups I’ll adjust accordingly.

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I’d love to learn more about your event, please share some details and I’ll shoot back a quote.

Times? Guest count? Indoor/outdoor? Additional spaces?

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